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MPKoogle searches for the fastest connections in the Cracow's urban area.

It is accessible under the following URLs:

How to start searching?

To start searching, you need to define the origin and destination stops. Type this into the fields From: and To::

  • The name or a part of the name of the bus/tram stop.
  • The name or a part of the name of the street.
  • The number of the bus/tram line.

After filling the fields From: and To:, click the button Search. If MPKoogle cannot determine which stops you mean (eg. the part of the name is the same for several names or the street has more than one bus/tram stop), it will display a list of the stops that match your input. If this happens, you should pick one of the items and click "Search" again.

You can switch the origin and destination stops by clicking the arrows on the left side of From: and To:.

Search results

Search results are presented in a tabular format. For each connection you will be shown the departure time, the arrival time, the duration and the plan of the travel.

The route is presented as its list of stops. For each stop the following data is displayed: the arrival time (except the origin bus/tram stop), the departure time (except destination bus/tram stop), the name of the stop and the line number, which you should use to get to the next stop on the list.

You can also click on a stop. MPKoogle will then search for connections which can be useful in the event of you being too late for the connection.

Specifying connection times

By default, MPKoogle searches for the connections starting at the time you enter the search engine webpage.

It is possible to search for later connections. You should type in either the earliest departure or the latest arrival time and select which one you mean.

On days when buses and trams drive according to different timetables than the standard ones, you should enter the required day in the Day: field.

Other functionality

It is also possible to search for connections between several origin and/or destination bus/tram stops. All you need to do is to type all of the names (or parts of the names) separated by commas.

If you leave the field To: empty, completing only the From: field, and click Search, you will start the connection exploration mode. It will show all bus/tram lines passing through the stop you entered.